A CLEAR POND; Proper Pond Filtration, Cleaning, care, chemistry & basics (including pond predator scarecrows) for maintaining a beautiful garden pond -Keeping a clear garden pond in the warm or hot summer months involves these key ingredients: proper filtration, cleaning, proper chemistry and feeding. Also Winter care tips. A well maintained pond improves the beauty of your home and garden.


*Pressurized pond filter units can be conveniently positioned below the level of water delivery e.g. a waterfall. (Unlike overflow barrel filters or waterfall filters).

*Compact and discreet design, Can be partially buried in the ground for minimal visual impact.

*Large diameter inlet and outlet ports.
JTP-12000 High Output/Efficiency Pond PumpSuitable for use with low pressure/wattage pumps.
I recommend the SunSun JTP-12000 High Output ultra-high efficiency Pond Pump for ponds where high flow, often with more than one attachments are running off the one pump. This pump is an ultra high efficiency pond pump using only 100 watts to produce a 3170 GPH (12000 LPH) flow rate!!
Product Resource:JTP-12000 High Output/Efficiency Pond Pump

*Hose connections are at the side of the unit, allowing supply and return pipes to be easily hidden.

*Versatile, multi stage (1/2", ¾", 1", 11/4") hosetails are available for most pressurized pond filters, to take all common sizes of hose.

*Servicing /maintenance can be carried out without having to disturb pipe work.

*Ready to use- all media and connections are included with most brands including the SunSun Premium Pressurized Pond Filters.
Product Resource: Pressurized Pond Filter, SunSun Model CPF-280

*Complete and effective filtration with mechanical sponge filter and biological media. Much higher mechanical efficiency than overflow filters.
FAR SUPERIOR to submerged pond filters such as Pond Master in that their capacity is higher and that a pressurized filter has a much lower tendency to clog.

*Easy to remove filter media bag, for easy cleaning,

*Canister design, incorporating unique filter bag, means alternative filter media can be used to suit user’s specific requirements.

*All spare parts and replacement filter media are readily available or can be utilized from other sources such as volcanic rock.
Product Resource: Volcanic Rock; Bio Pond Filter Material

*Multiple units can be linked together to increase filtration capacity.

I do not recommend counting the built in UV Sterilizers that are supplied with most pressurized pond filters nowadays, as you can not control the flow rate to the optimum level for effective germicidal sterilization or algae control.
A separate UV sterilizer is much more effective for TRUE ultraviolet sterilization(based on my 33 years of pond maintenance).

Reference: See Ultraviolet Sterilization for Ponds, Facts and Information


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